Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Reading a Good Story on Facebook

In our quest to find the best new and exciting stories, we look for great ideas and stories that are relevant to our communities and brands.In our opinion, stories that

How to find and avoid online copyright trolls

With online copyright infringement a hot topic, and with it, the threat of copyright lawsuits, the United States has a lot of work to do to keep people safe.But even

What’s next for China’s biggest theater?

CERES, Philippines – China has been trying to attract more theaters for decades, but this year, Beijing announced a plan to open three more in the country.In a press conference

How to make the most of your free time: Why do some people hate doing work?

Posted March 04, 2019 05:29:30The days of the office are long gone, and in its place, the modern workweek is a long weekend.It’s one of the most important aspects of

Pakistan TV Shows Off 10 Most-Watched TV Shows in 2018

Pakistan, home to one of Asia’s largest TV markets, saw its TV viewership increase by nearly 10% last year, according to data released by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and

How many times did a person’s hair fall out?

FOX Sports’ Eric Bledsoe (24:02) breaks down what to expect in the Super Bowl. What is the Superdome?How many games is it hosting?Who will play?What’s the weather like?Eric breaks down the

‘We’re still the best team in Italy’ – Man Utd v Juventus: Exclusive

Juventus coach Antonio Conte has revealed the club’s new signings will be among the favourites for the Serie A title after a 3-0 victory over Juventus on Sunday. The Bianconeri, who

‘The Greatest Showman’ Is A ‘Cultural Icon’ In China, Not ‘A Classic’ In America

In a rare interview, Steve Carell is in China talking about his role as the “greatest showman” in China.“I’m in China and I’m really happy,” Carell told The Guardian in

How to make a $2,000-a-night lifestyle blog that’s all music, no TV

The world of music and the internet have always been a strange mix, but for those who find their way there, there are some pretty good options for making a

How to find the best video game console for your PC: Part 1

The PC gaming world is slowly but surely coming around to the idea of the PS4 and Xbox One as the best gaming consoles on the market.For most of us,

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