How to spot a ‘bad actor’ in Hollywood

It’s not often that you’ll meet a good actor in Hollywood, but that’s exactly what happened when I met John Cusack in a small room in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in mid-November.

He was an actor of immense talents who had been hired to direct an episode of “The Office” for NBC, and the only person in the room who could offer any real advice on what to watch out for was his longtime friend, “Dennis” Bobo.

The two were on opposite sides of the aisle, but they’d become fast friends.

Bobo was the one who had helped me pick out the best movie to see at the theater that day.

I’d been told the show would be “The Blind Side” but it had been so popular, I thought, “Why not just see it at home?”

The cast of the show was so diverse and the acting so incredible, that it had become a favorite of mine.

It was hard to tell if I was being naive or a little picky, and I started to worry that I wasn’t getting the best performances from the actors I’d already seen.

But Bobo encouraged me.

He said, “The audience will be there and you’ll know what to look for.”

He was right.

I loved watching the show and had no problem watching the actors perform.

I found myself enjoying the show for what it was.

I thought it was a very honest portrayal of life in the late 1960s, the era of Watergate.

In my experience, it was more like a documentary, a true-life drama.

I’ve always found the show very entertaining.

It also had a strong social commentary, which I think is very important for an entertainment medium.

I saw it twice on my trip back to New York in January, and it was such a blast.

The cast and crew of the series were all very nice and the show’s producers are all very knowledgeable about the history of the movie industry.

I’m looking forward to the show again, and will be checking it out again.

The best thing about the show is that it was produced by a studio that is known for producing hit movies.

I am so glad that the studio is producing it again.

I love the show, and am looking forward the next time I see it.

The next “The Blacklist” episode airs Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 8 p.m.

ET on Fox.

I can’t wait.

You can follow me on Twitter @bobjesusny.

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