What’s next for China’s biggest theater?

CERES, Philippines – China has been trying to attract more theaters for decades, but this year, Beijing announced a plan to open three more in the country.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said he wants to increase the number of theaters in the city to 8,500.

The news comes after the government launched a nationwide lottery to attract theaters for a total of 5,000 theaters in 2020.

But with many theater owners unwilling to sell their holdings, the government has also been seeking ways to increase foreign investment in the sector, including through the establishment of new theaters in countries with high film piracy rates.

For example, the state-owned cinema in China’s Sichuan province opened a new theater last month.

However, this has been met with criticism from some theater owners.

They said that if foreign investors are to be attracted, China will need to give greater concessions to foreign companies that are not already listed on the national stock exchanges.

This is not the first time China has announced plans to open new theaters, with a number of new theater companies recently coming on the market.

Cinema operators say they need the theaters to provide entertainment for the people.

“The number of people visiting the theaters is very important to our business.

The number of tourists that come to the country every year is very critical,” said the owner of a cinema in a small Chinese town, who asked not to be identified.

While the government announced a lottery to expand the number the number and locations of theaters will remain the same, the company has plans to upgrade the quality of its movie theaters.

A new theater will have to be upgraded to a cinema that can produce the latest technology, and it will have higher production values.

To get more theaters, the operator will have have to build new theaters.

This is one of the biggest challenges that the Chinese government has faced in building theaters, which will need new facilities, said the company’s chief executive officer, Zhang Xin.

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