How many times did a person’s hair fall out?

FOX Sports’ Eric Bledsoe (24:02) breaks down what to expect in the Super Bowl. 

What is the Superdome?

How many games is it hosting?

Who will play?

What’s the weather like?

Eric breaks down the key numbers to know if you should be worried about the Superbowl. 

Why did the Giants win?

Are the Falcons better than they look?

Why is the Packers still in the playoff hunt?

Is this the best Superbowl you’ve ever seen? 

Can you get over the pain of the Superdress?

Is there any way to get over this pain of losing? 

What are the Superstitions about the NFL?

Are there any Superstition stories? 

Will the Superbowl be the most memorable Superbowl in history? 

Is there any reason to believe that the Superstars will not perform well? 

How do you keep your hair from falling out?

Eric shares his tips on how to keep your Superbowl hairstyle fresh. 

Are there any more things to watch for in Superbowl LI?

Will it be the best game in NFL history?

Is the Cowboys going to win the SuperBowl?

Is it even possible to be Superlative?

Will the Superlatives be the highlight of the year? 

Are you excited for the SuperDome?

Will you be wearing a Superdouche? 

Which Superstars are going to get the most votes?

Will there be a Superstar who gets voted in? 

Who will be the favorite to win?

Is Kevin Durant the most popular player to win it all?

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