Why Canada’s media market is getting worse with the election of Donald Trump

The media market in Canada is now one of the worst in the developed world.

It’s one of four largest markets in the world and Canada’s share of the market is at just 2.6 per cent, according to the Media Research Center, which tracks the industry. 

The average Canadian household spends about $2,700 on media each year, but the country’s share is far below the European Union average of 15 per cent. 

In the United States, the average media consumer spends about twice that amount. 

But in Canada, the figures are much lower.

The average Canadian consumes about 1.3 per cent of the national media market, according a report by The Canadian Press in 2017. 

According to The Press and CTV News Canada, only 3.1 per cent are in the top five media markets in Canada.

In the U.S., where the media market was already struggling with the 2016 election, it’s a similar story.

Only 0.3 percent of the US population watches television, but that figure rises to 0.9 per cent for the top 10 markets.

The average American spends about one-third of his or her income on TV, according Toil and Trouble.

That’s a much higher amount than the 0.4 per cent average Canadian. 

Canada’s media industry is still in transition, however, with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and National Post all struggling to attract viewers.

On top of that, Canada’s current system of media ownership has yet to be fully embraced by the media industry.

As the CBC is currently being spun off into a private company, it can’t legally take over media outlets like The National Post.

And while the CBC has an extensive media presence in Canada and the United Kingdom, it has been forced to scale back the number of stations and features it has.

But the CBC still has its share of subscribers and advertisers in Canada as the public broadcaster’s flagship station, CTV, is seen as a key tool in promoting the government’s agenda.

Cable companies also want more rights for content creators and viewers, and have pushed for the creation of “cable parity” agreements between the three major Canadian cable operators.

The Canadian Cable Association, a lobbying group representing Canadian cable companies, said in its submission to the CRTC that the existing media rights system “has not been designed to support fair and competitive content,” and that the system “does not adequately reflect the need to protect the public interest.”

Crown corporation Bell is also lobbying for more content rights for its competitors.

It is arguing for a “new media model” in which content providers like Netflix and Amazon are allowed to charge for their own programming. 

“It is an essential part of our economic strategy to ensure that the Canadian public is able to access content at an affordable price, which is supported by a competitive and competitive pricing structure,” Bell said in a submission to CRTC.

Canada’s biggest TV networks also continue to struggle to attract subscribers.

The Rogers-owned National Post and CICO TV have both struggled to keep viewers on their channels.

Rogers-backed CTV and Bell-owned CBC have both experienced declines in their subscriber numbers.

And the CRT is considering a number of changes to the Canadian broadcasting system, including more flexibility to the media companies that own stations and other changes to how the government regulates media.

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