How to make an Indian-style pizza

I just can’t help myself!

It’s an Indian style pizza!

It was so good that I decided to make one.

It’s a little complicated, but not so complicated that it would be hard to understand!

I promise.

Here’s the plan.

First, make your own crust.

I usually use homemade pizza crusts, but you can also use store-bought pizza dough if you want.

I’ve found that if you cut the dough into cubes, the dough is very stretchy.

If you cut it into a rectangle, you’ll need a bit more of that extra dough.

Cut the dough, then roll it out.

I cut it up in half, so you can roll it with the pizza dough and use it to cut slices for sandwiches.

You can either slice it with a pizza cutter or use a pizza stone to cut it.

Once it’s sliced, add a dollop of the sauce and then add a drizzle of olive oil.

This sauce makes the crust slightly lighter, so it’ll take a little longer to cook.

You want the sauce to be very thick, but don’t go too thin, as you want the dough to stay soft.

Finally, put the dough back in the fridge for 30 minutes, and then, slice the pizza into wedges.

It’ll be soft, but still firm enough to eat.

Serve it on a piece of pizza bread or on a pizza slice.

I used a large slice of pizza to make it easier to slice, but feel free to use any small slice of the pizza.

I’d suggest using slices of any size, as this recipe is quite filling. Enjoy!

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