Mexico’s TV channels have been shut down by regulators for ‘pornography’

BILLINGSBURG, N.J. — The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday ordered three television stations in Mexico to shut down as a result of pornography that was broadcast on their channels.

The three Mexican television stations, Televisa, El Pais and M3, were ordered to shut off their broadcast channels, but not to carry pornography or sexual content on air.

The order came just a day after President Enrique Peña Nieto signed into law a law that prohibits pornography on the air, and also made it illegal for minors to access such content.

The new law is designed to curb the spread of pornography and encourages the creation of a network of public officials, educators and journalists to counter the spread and control of pornography.

The decision was a blow to Televisión, which owns the network.

Televista was one of Mexico’s most popular television channels and its parent company is the state-run telecom company Grupo de Estudios Technologías (GTE).

Televizaros parent company, Mediaset, is owned by the government-controlled telecom company Telefonica, which operates in all 50 states and in many other countries.

In Mexico, porn is illegal under Mexican law, but its distribution and use are not regulated by the state.

However, Telegrafía de la Reforma de Ciencia, a Mexican newspaper, reported on Monday that Televisón had been ordered to stop airing pornography on its channels and that the company would appeal the decision.

Telegrás de la Revolución de Público, the newspaper’s parent, said that the decision had been taken without consulting with Televisen, Telimax, or the Federal Communications Department (FCD).

The law also prohibits “pornographic content” on public television and radio stations, and prohibits anyone from using television and Internet for the purpose of accessing “pornoographic content.”

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