Why Is The New Orleans Police Department Looking Into A New Film About A New Orleans Murder?

Hollywood has been in the grips of a major backlash over the way New Orleans cops handled the death of Michael Brown in August 2014.

The New York Times and other outlets have reported that police used excessive force, including excessive use of tear gas and the firing of rubber bullets, against peaceful protesters, who have repeatedly accused police of targeting them.

The backlash has also been directed at a New Orleans-based director, who has been pushing for a documentary about Brown.

In the documentary, The Story of Michael Jordan, which was released in January, Jordan said he felt his work was unfairly maligned by the media.

The documentary is based on his book, Michael Jordan: A Story.

Jordan’s comments prompted the New Orleans police to investigate the film.

Last month, the New York Police Department announced that it would conduct a preliminary review of the documentary.

The department said it was looking at the documentary’s “proposals and conclusions” to determine whether it falls under the state’s filming laws.

The Department of Justice and the Department of Public Safety are also investigating whether the documentary violates the federal filming law.

In response to a request for comment, a spokesman for the New England Patriots said that the team would review the situation “with the NFL.”

“We don’t comment on ongoing investigations,” the spokesman, Mike McCurry, told the Associated Press.

“We are reviewing the situation and will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

The investigation is part of a larger trend in which the Justice Department is exploring the possible prosecution of film makers for allegedly using the government’s copyright law to censor film.

In December, for example, the DOJ announced it was considering a $10 million settlement with the Motion Picture Association of America over a decision to block the release of the film The Hunting Ground, which depicted the 2010 deaths of three black men in Mississippi.

A similar lawsuit was filed by the director of a documentary by the same name, which is being investigated by the DOJ.

The film was to be shown in a series of films, but after the DOJ decided to block it, the filmmaker was able to make his film.

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