How the world of Chinese entertainment is changing for the better

August 1, 2021 0 Comments

I spent the last few months as a reporter for a local media outlet in the city of Chengdu, where I covered the lives of the Chinese people for years, and I was fascinated by how they were evolving.

Chengdu is a city of about 2.3 million people, a big chunk of them middle-class, and it’s a city full of people who seem to be thriving and enjoying themselves. 

In a city that has been in the news in recent years for its role in the spread of the coronavirus, which killed more than 3,000 people in China in 2017 alone, I was amazed at the sheer diversity of life.

I asked my local friends what they liked about the city and was stunned to discover that most of them said it was the diversity of the city. 

The city was an international success story of its time.

In 1949, a small Chinese family had moved to the U.S. for the promise of a better life. 

Then, the Communist Party overthrew the government and people were moved overseas.

A few years later, after the death of Mao Zedong, the country was split into several independent states.

The Chinese Communist Party led by Deng Xiaoping was in charge of all the state apparatus.

In a country that was divided into many parts, the Chinese Communist party had the ultimate power. 

One day, the city was still a very small place.

The population was just under 1 million, but the population of Chengdong had swelled to over 1.5 million, thanks to a huge influx of foreigners. 

I thought about how the Chinese population was growing, and that the country had become more diverse.

And the diversity was something I didn’t understand. 

How could so many Chinese people be so different?

I also started to notice that the people I was interviewing seemed to be living their lives quite differently.

In Chengdu and elsewhere, the majority of people are very comfortable with their culture, and even the most diverse Chinese are able to keep a certain distance from outsiders.

I wondered what this meant for the country, and whether it was going to be better, more stable, or just more prosperous. 

As I watched Chinese people in Chengdu with their friends and neighbors, I noticed something very important: the culture was different.

Chinese people were more comfortable speaking English and speaking English more often.

The people I interviewed also seemed to have more common interests, including music and sports. 

But it was not just the Chinese who seemed to get along better. 

My experience in Chengdao in 2017 showed me that the Chinese government is not only willing to take measures to protect its citizens, but it is also willing to compromise with them.

During the pandemic, a group of Chinese women came to me to share stories of how they’d lived their lives.

The women had traveled thousands of kilometers, to different countries and had developed a new language, and they told me that they had not been able to get married.

They had had to choose between their jobs, and their family, and between their family and their children.

I met them, and the words I heard in their voices was very much like mine.

They told me they would not go back to the countryside to live as peasants, that they were not going to live a life of poverty, and also that they would be able to continue their education in the United States, and have a stable life.

In the same way, the government was willing to support them, even though it wasn’t sure what would happen to them after they returned home. 

During the crisis, I found myself thinking about this in terms of what would make me more comfortable in the U, and in Chengzhou, I realized that I was going back to China.

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