A New Way to Share Entertainment News: Cubecom

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

A new way to share entertainment news: Cubesecom.

The startup is developing a technology to create a real-time feed of new content.

The new service would let users see, for example, what shows were being shown on their cable TV providers’ streaming devices.

Cubesemers could then decide which content to watch and share.

A lot of TV shows don’t seem to be getting enough airplay.

This new service is designed to help those TV stations create more content.

Cubesecoms founders and CEO Michael J. Crain and chief executive officer David M. Loughton say they’re focused on bringing new entertainment news to people.

Cubecoms is the first company in the U.S. to start using a new technology to allow viewers to share their favorite shows and movies with each other.

The startup, which was started by a team of computer scientists at Columbia University, was recently acquired by the investment firm Benchmark Capital, which will invest $100 million.

Cubemers is a technology that uses a smartphone to capture a stream of video that shows a user watching something.

When that stream is then streamed to a TV, it’s shown as a live-stream video.

It’s similar to watching a video that’s been recorded on a device like a smartphone or a tablet.

Cubecom’s new service uses a different type of technology called “re-encode,” which it says allows for a better picture of what a stream is like, and thus lets it show more of what’s going on.

In essence, this technology lets the TV show viewers live stream what they’re watching and then let them decide which show they want to watch, according to the company.

It is designed specifically to provide new content for viewers, Cubesacom CEO Michael Crain told TechCrunch.

But he also added that Cubeservices would work with any video provider.

The company says Cubeserc is the “first and only company to offer a realtime feed to viewers.”

Crain says Cubers current service lets users share videos of their favorite TV shows.

But the new service will let users watch videos of any content they want and get notified when they do.

For example, if they want more shows about cats, they can go to Cubesevo, which is the company’s video site.

The videos will be shown on the Cubesexo website and on the TV, according the company website.

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