Which movie stars got the most adorable puppy pics?

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Posted October 12, 2018 12:36:04 As part of their annual Puppy Party, we’re sharing the best puppy pics from the past year and giving a shout out to our friends at Townsquare Entertainment News for the best pictures from this year.

Here are the top ten dogs to look out for in 2018, courtesy of Townsquare.com:1.

Aiden Greyjoy, Game of ThronesThe Hound was a big dog in season six of the HBO fantasy drama, but that doesn’t mean the Hound wasn’t adorable in real life.

The Hound was born in the wild and was raised by Arya Stark, who has the adorable dog named “Aiden.”2.

Zendaya, Zendys: The MovieZendys, the animated character, is one of the hottest dogs on the planet, and fans have been enjoying his movie appearances since the beginning of his animated run.

As the main character, Zena, she had a busy year, getting introduced to new fans and getting a major new transformation in season four.

Zena’s best moment came in season seven when she had the transformation of a fox and even got a cameo as part of the animated show.3.

Alyssa Milano, Lady Gaga: A Dame to Kill ForAlyssa has become a meme-worthy star, and many fans have embraced her new look, which is reminiscent of the look of a lioness.

Her character was created by Lady Gaga and is known for her sexy outfits and makeup.

Fans love her new hairstyle.4.

Dax Shepard, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 1Dax Shepard has made quite a name for herself on the Hunger Games franchise, appearing in both the books and films.

Her badass looks have earned her the nickname “Mad Max” among fans.

In the latest movie, Mockingajack, she and Katniss Everdeen fight to save the world, but when the fight begins to get out of hand, Dax is killed.5.

Jaden Smith, The Vampire Diaries: The GiftJaden Smith is one serious fan of vampires.

He is obsessed with the Vampire Diapers series and has been featured in several fan art and memes.

Fans have also taken to Twitter to show off their love for the vampire and even posted a photo of him on his iPad.6.

Olivia Wilde, Beauty and the Beast: Beauty and The BeastThe Belle in Beauty and has made a name of herself as the princess of the land, but fans have also loved her appearance in Beauty, Beauty, The Beast.

Fans say her hair has gotten so long, it’s now almost as long as her feet.7.

Danni Love, Beauty And The Beast: The LegendDanni Love has been a major player on Beauty and Beyond, with her role in Beauty becoming the biggest and most talked about in Beauty history.

Fans are loving her new haircut, and her voice actress, Jennifer Hale, was a major fan favorite on the series.8.

Zoe Saldana, Beauty: Secrets Of The Princess Zoe Saldi has been one of Beauty’s big stars for years, but she was also one of many big names that were cast in the Beauty and a few of her roles were filmed.

Fans still love her hair, and even though she didn’t have a big role in the new film, fans love that her hair is short enough to keep her comfortable when playing the role.9.

Bella Thorne, Beauty’s Biggest Fan, The Bella Thornes Bella Thorens’ big breakout role in The Hunger Game series came when she played the mother of the newly born baby on the show.

Fans can’t stop talking about it, and she even got her own spin-off movie: Beauty’s Greatest Fan.10.

Lily Aldridge, Beauty & the Beast, and The Jungle BookLily Aldridge’s big breakout performance in Beauty & The Beast was her role as the love interest to the love of Jad.

Fans adore her hair and she has a very full-bodied look.

Fans also love her amazing voice, and a lot of her scenes were filmed in the jungle.

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