How to sue if you’re being bullied on social media: A guide

July 9, 2021 0 Comments

By KEVIN MCCARTHY | Updated May 19, 2020 08:23:24An award-winning Australian actress and director has launched a class action against Facebook for allegedly discriminating against female employees in its workplace policies.

Emma Stone, who was previously married to Brad Pitt, has claimed that Facebook discriminated against her for working with men on their projects.

“I’ve had an incredibly hard time,” she told the ABC’s Insiders program on Monday.

“The fact that I’m the first woman to ever win an Oscar in an acting category for something, I think is an amazing accomplishment.”

Facebook, which employs more than 25,000 people in Australia, is a US company.

Ms Stone, 47, says she’s been subject to gender-based bullying on social networking sites, particularly on Facebook.

“There are men who are just saying ‘I’m going to hit you up, but if you go public with this, I’m going.

I’m not going to talk to you again’,” she said.”

And then there are men that are just like ‘I know you, I know you’re a good person, but just because I know this guy, that’s not going do you any good’.”

Ms Stone claims she was made to feel like she was not a “real” person, which made her feel like a “poster child” of bullying.

“It made me feel like I’m a poster child, and I’m like, ‘I have to stop this,’ ” she said of the bullying she faced at work.

“Because I’ve been on a Facebook project, I’ve seen it a lot.

It’s like an online echo chamber, so I’ve had the conversation, and then the conversation has just been on and on.”

Ms Stone, whose film debut in 2015 was the award-nominated film The Man in the High Castle, said the backlash has made her more determined to do what she believes is right.

“As a woman, as a person, you know what’s going to happen when you put something out there and people are just going to be saying whatever they want, and that’s just not the way things work,” she said on Insiders.

“So, I just decided to stand up and say ‘Enough’.”

So I just have to stand and say this is not OK.

It can’t be OK.

And it’s not OK.

“Facebook has apologised for the behaviour and has launched an investigation into the allegations.

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