How to watch WWE Superstars and NXT in 2018

July 1, 2021 0 Comments

A couple of years ago, WWE announced it would be expanding its NXT brand with more live events across the year.

This year, it’s got two more live shows to cover, but the big news is the return of the live events from last year.

You may have seen them on social media, but if you haven’t, here’s what you need to know: The live event schedule was announced on Tuesday and will be available for streaming this weekend.

The dates are as follows: April 11: WWE SmackDown Live from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, with Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

April 13: WWE Royal Rumble Live from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Kane vs. Roman Reigns for the United States Championship.

May 18: WWE Payback Live from Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Orlando, Florida, with Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The event will be broadcast live on WWE Network on Tuesday, April 24, at 8 p.m.


Here’s what we know so far about the dates: Thursday, April 11, WWE SmacksDown Live, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, ¥3,700 (Japan) / ¥4,800 (US) (Payback) (1st match) Thursday, March 19, NXT Takeover: Los Angeles, Staples Center, Los Angeles CA, ¥6,900 (US), ¥10,700+ (Japan), ¥15,900+ (US & Canada) (Lucha Underground) (2nd match) Friday, March 20, NXT Grand Final: Staples Center Los Angeles at Staples Center in Los Angeles (Payoff) (3rd match) Saturday, March 21, WWE Royal Road to WrestleMania: Staples Arena Los Angeles @ Staples Center (Paydown) (4th match) Monday, April 22, NXT TLC: Staples Theater Los Angeles / Staples Center LA (3 matches) Friday August 6, WWE WrestleMania 32: Staples Auditorium Los Angeles Staples Center on Sunday, August 10, at 6 p.l.m., PT (US time) (SmackDown) (5th match and NXT title) Monday August 14, NXT Battleground: Staples Stadium Los Angeles & Staples Arena LA (Smashdown) Friday September 1, WWE Raw: Staples Centre Los Angeles Los Angeles Arena (Pay) (6th match, NXT title and NXT debut) Sunday, September 4, NXT Women’s Championship: Staples Theatre Los Angeles – Staples Arena LOS ANGELES (Pay-per-view) Monday September 7, NXT Elimination Chamber: Staples Hall Los Angeles on Sunday September 12 at 7 p.p.m, PT (Worldwide) (NXT title) (7th match & NXT debut, NXT debut title) Wednesday September 16, WWE Battleground Live: Staples Coliseum Los Angeles LA at Staples Arena (3-on-3 pay-per–view) Thursday September 18, WWE RAW: Staples Convention Center Los and Staples Arena Anaheim, CA (Pay per view) Friday October 1, NXT Royal Rumble: Staples Plaza Los Angeles Anaheim, California (Pay–per-View) Saturday October 2, NXT Finale: Staples Live Anaheim, Los, CA on Saturday, October 9 at 8:30 p.c.

(World Series of Fighting) (8th match in NXT) (9th match of the year) Sunday October 5, WWE Survivor Series: Staples Conference Center Anaheim, Orange County, California at Staples Conference Centre in Anaheim, on Sunday October 11 at 7:30 a.m.-4:30pm (World Wrestling Entertainment) (10th match from the year), NXT Tourney: Staples Forum Anaheim on Sunday November 1 at 7 a. m.-7 p. m.

(The Forum) (11th match since 2015) Monday November 8, WWE NXT: Staples Expo Anaheim at Staples Expo Center in Anaheim (Pay – $2.99/1st) (12th match with NXT debut in NXT debut and NXT Tribute) Monday December 2, WWE Pay-Per-View: Staples Showplace Anaheim at The Staples Center Anaheim at 7-8 p.d.

(Pay Per View) Monday January 13, WWE WWE Live: Live at The Forum Anaheim at 8-10 p. p.

(7-8 men and women) (13th match for NXT debut since 2015, and NXT Finales since 2015; pay-the-per view) Tuesday January 15, WWE Supercard: Staples Hotel Anaheim at the Staples Convention Centre Anaheim at 9:30-10:30:30a.m (8 men, 8 women) Monday February 1, 2017, NXT NXT TakeOver: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Anaheim CA, on Wednesday February 4, at 10 p.a.

(US/Canada time) Saturday February 5, 2017 WWE NXT Championship: Live from Staples Arena, Anaheim on Saturday February

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